Jacqueline's Academy of Dance offer classical ballet training to pupils of ages 3 and up.

For our pre-school students, we have incorporated ballet training into a versatile program we call our Ella-Bella program. For more information on the Ella-Bella program, please see the separate tab on this website.

We pride ourselves in being affiliated with The Royal Academy of Dance, one of the largest dance-examining boards in the world, based in London. They provide a dance syllabus that is artistically and developmentally appropriate and fundamentally appealing to younger and older children. These syllabi also specifically cater for the physical needs and abilities of children of our era. The syllabus is updated and adjusted regularly to adapt to the lifestyle changes that a growing child faces day to day. Physical fitness and core dance skills as well as each child's creative voice are developed through activities that encourage critical thinking, self-confidence and social-emotional skills.

The syllabus promotes a feeling before form that is taught through a child-centered developmentally based approach, and with this aim to develop the following: Motor Development, Cognitive Development and Affective Development.

Primary and High School students participate in International Examinations to ensure the correct procedures are followed should they wish to continue to study dance after school.

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