Hip hop is currently one of the most popular dance trends globally. It can be seen in many popular films and most music videos. This style requires an enormous amount of energy and hours of hard work. The ability for groups to work in unison and display tricks all comes down to team work.

Hip hop as a dance style originated on the streets. It is a more informal dance style where the rules are bendable. The dance style is unique in the sense that it allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding their own personalities. Due to the fact that the style is open to interpretation, there are many variations of the style that can be seen in the pop-culture today. With each style requiring a different type of discipline and performance.

We follow the hip hop syllabus that has been set out by the Theatre Dance Association (TDA). We cover a variety of street styles, such as house, pop n lock, freestyle and funk. We use dynamic and visual demonstrations to inspire our students, developing body awareness, concentration, coordination and self-confidence. We keep our music as current as we can and all our music selections are age appropriate.