Modern is an excellent fusion of a variety of dance styles. In our classes we focus on technique, placement and musicality. Developing concentration, coordination, flexibility and a sense of rhythm. Our goal is for every student to become aware of their posture and alignment and to be responsible within movements, preventing injury and enhancing their own abilities. Our classes always start with a warm up utilising cardio, balance and focus to get, not only our body, but also our mind ready for dance.

We encourage students to learn and understand their capabilities and limitations in order to develop into the best dancer they can be. Modern dance utilises breath to connect the core of the movement, enhancing its quality. Our syllabus comprises of focused limbering exercises moving into combination exercises using more floor space and dynamics.

Our syllabus is designed to train an all-round dancer that can adapt to any form, and within each syllabus there are many challenging dance styles. Students are encouraged to explore the dynamics of depth and height as well as the qualities within movements. A sense of freedom and expression within strong technique is a crucial part of our classes, where we nurture improvisation, choreography and creativity. We take our students on an exciting journey of self-discovery and musical appreciation, linking their emotions to movement and encouraging them whilst building their confidence and stamina.

The I.S.T.D internationally recognized examinations are fantastic for any student who wishes to pursue a career in dance and would like to teach or dance abroad.