JAD offers Tap-dance classes to students of ages 6 and up. We follow the syllabus as it is set out by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). To the untrained eye tap-dancing is all about fancy footwork and sounds. In our classes we teach complete body awareness to produce holistic dancers.

We offer an excellent foundation when it comes to technique for beginners, where our focus is primarily on posture, rhythm and precision of footwork. Once the student has a thorough understanding of placement and alignment we would continue to add the many layers that complete a tap dancer.

Our classes include a strong emphasis on tone and quality, light and shade, musicality and rhythm. The syllabus includes an incredible variety of music - exposing the students to diverse styles including Celtic, Reggae, Swing, right through to Beat Box and current radio tracks, to name a few.

Our classes are challenging in a fun and exciting way, building self-esteem and confidence and at the same time, participating in internationally recognized examinations.